Step 1: Download and login


Once you download the app, use the hamburger menu on the top left to sign up using Google or Facebook.

Once you sign up, it will reveal the STORYBOARD tab where you can start creating and publishing stories.

Step 2: Add a Story

Navigate to STORYBOARD tab, press on the "Add" button and fill in basic blog info.

Step 3: Add activities

Add activities to your story. You can create custom activities using sponsored links by pressing on the "+" button on the bottom right corner on "Plan".

Step 4: Preview and publish

Make sure everything looks good, pick categories that best describe your story and hit publish.

Once published, your story will be reviewed by our moderators and you will be notified once the story goes live.

Step 5: Edit live stories

Once your story goes live, you can add, delete, edit activities and the changes will be instantly available to your readers.

You will also get notified when someone saves your story and you can follow the saves on from the storyboard tab.

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